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Congratulations on selecting Dr. Tam for your Invisalign treatment. Dr. Tam is one of the most highly regarded Invisalign Orthodontists in North America and treats more cases individually than anyone else in Markham or Stouffville. Only doctors who have achieved the highest level of expertise, based upon a case volume, are designated as Elite Providers.

In addition to a high volume of patients, Dr. Tam is also known for the high quality of his work. He was recognized by his peers in 2012 as having produced one of the top Invisalign treatments in North America, presenting his work in front of over 2000 people and being published in a book from Invisalign. He teaches doctors around the world how to use Invisalign properly and has been honoured to treat other Invisalign-certified dentists, Elite Provider orthodontists, their staff members, and family.

Invisalign Teen is an excellent option for teenagers in Stouffville who play hockey, basketball, or any type of sports. Hey Stouffville! Is it time to reconsider needing metal braces to receive a beautiful smile? You may have been told that Invisalign is for very simple cases, that it produces worse results, or that you are not an Invisalign candidate. Come and see Dr. Tam to see if Invisalign is a better choice for you than a mouth full of braces. We’ll be happy to show you examples!

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