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The primary question of many Stouffville Invisalign patients is, “How much will it cost?” The great news is that most of our patients find that the cost of Invisalign treatments are comparable to the cost of traditional braces.

As a premier orthodontist in Stouffville, our primary objective is to provide you with exceptional and affordable treatment that fits your budget. We offer interest-free financial payment plans. Once Dr. Tam has given you his treatment recommendation at your free new patient exam, one of our treatment coordinators will discuss the treatment fee and all of the features we include. If Dr. Tam recommends treatment at this time, we will then take impressions or a scan to begin treatment. The range of your investment will depend on Dr. Tam's recommendation and most will range between $5000-$8500, with an average in mid $6000s due to the quality of the work, level of skill, and experience. We will work with you on a payment plan since we don’t want finances to be an obstacle to you achieving your MCO smile.

Your first step is to invest in the time to see Dr. Tam for your complimentary assessment.

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