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MCO Stouffville Orthodontics is Dr. Tam’s second office, with his first being MCO Markham Orthodontics, established in 2005. He has created a fun, high- tech, comfortable and safe environment that is geared towards adults and children. You’ll find that the high standards we have for our team members goes hand in hand with our office.

  • Reception Area - Well-lit and comfortable seating
  • Consultation Room - Spacious and private consultation area
  • Digital X-Rays - Digital machine reduces x-ray exposure while producing superior images
  • Brushing Station - We remove your wires at each visit to let you brush and floss in order to promote excellent oral hygiene. There are three stations in the office.
  • Patient Rewards - We want to encourage our patients to keep good oral hygiene, wear appliances as instructed, come to appointments on time, and show TeamMCO spirit by wearing their t-shirt. You’ll be rewarded at your visits so that you can have fun while in treatment with us.
  • Clinical Area - Semi-private areas allow for family and friends to join in to follow treatment. Dr. Tam sees each patient during their visit.
  • iOC Scanner - For many of our patients, gone are the days of goopy and messy impressions. This 3-D camera scanner captures images of your teeth for Invisalign and some orthodontic appliances.
  • Surgically Clean Air - Air quality is often and issue in older office facilities. We are committed to a safe and clean environment with this UV air cleaning unit that cleans out the air in the clinic every 30 minutes.

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